About us

Qwipo is the flagship product of GREENKITE SOLUTIONS LLP. Qwipo is a most innovative and engaging and fastest-growing skill rummy game in India.

Qwipo is one of the largest rummy brands and also India’s Most Trusted Rummy Site®. Offering exciting rummy variants, Qwipo is designed to thrill and entertain our community of players and is known for offering the biggest tournaments and prizes in the industry.

Trusted by Millions of players, Qwipo is committed to providing its players with a safe and secure gaming experience. This popular game of skill is legal to play and has been expressly validated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. We take pride in complying with all government regulations and operate as an industry-leading Responsible Gaming platform with a code of conduct.

Qwipo encourages its players to play rummy games responsibly. Our ethos is dedicated to reducing excessive gaming risks via awareness and innovation. We take proactive measures to ensure that each and every player on our platform has a positive, entertaining, and responsible gaming experience.